Celestion G12M-50 Hempback guitar speaker, 8 Ohm

The "smoking" hemp cone sound with some classic Celestion growl in the mids
Celestion's first hemp cone speaker combines the characteristic hemp cone bass thump and smooth singing highs with a finely balanced mid range and a touch of true Celestion crunch.  The new Celestion G12M-50 Hempback brings a new laid back tone experience to your amp or cab and is sure to establish itself as a true classic.

General Specifications
Nominal diameter12 inch, 305 mm
Power rating50W RMS
Nominal Impedance8 Ohms
Sensitivity99 dB 1W 1M
Frequency range75-5,000 Hz
Resonance frequency75 Hz
Voice coil diameter1.75", 44.5 mm
Magnet TypeCeramic
Magnet Weight35 Oz, 0.99 Kg
Unit Weight7.9 lb, 3.6 Kg

UK Manufacture

More Info
  • Availability: Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
  • Model: G12M-50 Hempback 8 Ohm
  • Manufacturer: Celestion