Celestion CDX1-1446 compression driver

1" throat screw on driver with 35 mm voice coil and one piece PETP diaphragm and surround
Celestion have built a reputation for some of the best compression drivers available today with more that 1,000 units sold every day.  The CDX1-1446 is typical of Celestion's expertise in the field, it features a one piece PETP diaphragm and surround which provides a very smooth frequency response especially above 15KHz.  This driver is suggested for use in 3 way systems or in 2 way designs with 12" or smaller woofers.

General Specifications
Type1 inch throat screw on
Power rating40W continuous
Nominal impedance8 Ohms
Sensitivity106 dB 1W 1M
Frequency range1,500-20,000 Hz
Suggested minimum crossover point2,200 Hz
Diaphragm and surroundOne piece PETP
Voice coil typeCopper clad Aluminium
Voice coil diameter1.4", 35 mm
Horn mounting35 mm OD thread
Weight2.2 lb, 1 Kg

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  • Model: CDX1-1446
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