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Strymon are renowned for technologically innovative no compromise products that are amongst the best effects pedals in the world.  Hugely powerful processors, top quality components, rugged and stylish build and, above all, superb sound are the hallmarks of every Strymon pedal.

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Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverb (BigSky)

Clear Skies Ahead

Plug into BigSky and instantly lift your sound into the stratosphere. The world below you fades into the distance, and you’re elevated into a glow of lush, glorious, radiant reverbs.

To create a reverb experience as natural, beautiful, and immersive as BigSky required tremendous feats of sound engineering and artistic imagination. Using the fundamentals of acoustical science as our beacon, we carefully studied and scientifically analyzed reverb technology from the past fifty years. We faithfully captured the essence of these classic sounds, and forged ahead to dream up our vision of reverbs from the future.

Go where no reverb has gone before

Feel the mechanical tension of the Spring reverbs.  Hear the floating particles of the Cloud Machine.  Defy the laws of physics with the Nonlinear reverbs.  Unleash the multi-head reverberations of the Magneto machine.  BigSky gives you the following twelve studio class reverb machines:-.
Hall - Plate - Spring - Swell - Bloom - Cloud - Chorale - Shimmer - Magneto - Non linear - Reflections - Room
each with simple yet powerful controls.
Additional features include:-
300 easily accessible and nameable presets
seven front panel control knobs.
additional menu parameters
selectable speaker cabinet emulation
and much much more.

Designed and manufactured in the USA
Supplied with power supply

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Strymon BlueSky Reverberator (BlueSky)

Prepare for reverb bliss

Whether you are a classic spring reverb fan or a studio rack aficionado you'll find your Mojo here.  BlueSky provides three different reverb types, plate, room and spring, each with three modes, for a total of nine completely unique reverb experiences.  A full pre-delay and damping section provide deep reverb tone shaping.  Add the Mod and Shimmer modes and you're in store for unending reverb bliss.  An analog dry path provides a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital.

Stereo inputs and outputs
Designed and manufactured in the USA
Supplied complete with power supply
Premium analogue front end and output sections.
True bypass.

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Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay (Brigadier)

Destroy the Analog/Digital Divide

Brigadier gives you all of the tone and none of the noise of regular old bucket brigade chips. UNLESS of course you choose to add it back with our exclusive bucket loss control.  Go from warm and clean repeats all the way to noisy saturated delays.  Couple that with dedicated modulation and filter controls, tap tempo and assignable expression pedal input and you have yourself a versatile delay powerhouse.  Oh, and don't forget our true analog bypass feature.

Handcrafted dBucket algorithm for highly accurate reproduction of every stage of an analog bucket brigade chip and the associated clock driver circuitry.
Mono and stereo outputs
True bypass
Supplied with power supply
Made in the USA

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Strymon Compadre dual voice compressor and boost effects pedal (Compadre)

Your Dream Tone Starts Here

Start your signal chain with the best possible version of your guitar tone. Treat your guitar signal to true studio quality analog compression with two distinct voices for smooth transparency or vintage squeeze. Hit the Boost switch to add clean boost or soft-clipped dirty boost, with the EQ curve of your choice. Mix in some dry signal for natural attack even with extreme compression settings. Feel the perfectly tailored dynamic response, feeding your amp and effects just what they need to sound their best.

Premium VCA compressor circuits
Smooth studio and hard pedal style compression voices
Independently controlled clean or dirty boost with 3 EQ options
"Dry" knob to blend the dry and compressed signals
True bypass

Designed and manufactured in the USA

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Strymon DECO Tape Saturation and Doubletracker (DECO)

Tape: The First Effect

Our journey begins with the early recording studios of the 50s and 60s.  The introduction of the first reel-to-reel machines and the skills of the innovative engineers who used them brought on some of the fattest sounds imaginable.

Deco brings this original inspiration back giving you these vintage tape effects without the expensive, huge, heavy and maintenance intensive tape machine.  Tape saturation smooths out your sound with delicious and familiar tape compression and saturation while fattening it with subtle tape-driven transparent overdrive.  Deco's Doubletracker provides the power to shift your sound in many ways, easily allowing you to achieve syrupy slapback tape echoes and tape flanging and chorusing sounds.

Detailed recreation of the mechanics and technology of two vintage studio reel to reel machines and the interactions between them.
Ideal as an end of chain "always on" effect to sweeten your tone.
True bypass
Comprehensive controls
Power supply included
Made in the USA

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Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay (DIG)

Dual Digital Delay

DIG unearths the true soul of digital delay and doubles it - two simultaneous integrated delays with the captivating rack delay voices of the 1980s and today.  Early 80s ADM, Mid 80's 12 bit and modern high resolution digital delays, multiply these distinct voicings by two and you get DIG, incredible expressive potential.

Effortlessly create your own world of intricate and synchronized echoes along with hypnotic and atmospheric repeats that blur the line between delay and reverb.  Stretch your sonic horizons with five musically satisfying rhythmic subdivisions and three dual delay routing options.  Go from syncopated pulsating delay patterns to evocative spaced out echo trails all in a compact pedalboard friendly format.

Additional features:-
Power supply included
Series, parallel and ping pong configurations
Made in the USA.

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Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo (El Capistan)

Magnetic Monster

El Capistan provides three different tape machine types into one, each with three unique modes. With ten parameters to tweak you get extensive control over tape quality, machine health and tone shaping.  Go from the sound of a pristine, studio quality tape machine to the heavily fluctuating sound of a machine in need of service.  Get the full bodied sound of fresh tape all the way to the gnarled qualities of worn out tape.  Because it's DSP driven you get a range of tape experiences unattainable with a traditional tape machine,  all of this without the headaches of tape machine maintenance and repair!

Stereo outputs
True bypass
Power supply included
Made in the USA

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Strymon Flint Tremelo and Reverb (Flint)

A Perfect Gentleman

The Magical combination of tremolo and reverb is the earliest example of a perfect guitar effects marriage.  First pioneered within historic amplifiers of the 1960's this harmonious coexistence has made it's way onto countless records and performances over the years.  There are certain things in life that just belong together-the blend of tremolo and reverb create the perfect pair.

Flint gives you soothing, pulsating and hypnotic effects that were pioneered in vintage amplifier tremolo circuits along with three classic and completely unique reverb algorithms.  You get the sonically complex "61 Harmonic Tremolo", the swampy and sultry "63 Power Tube Tremolo" and the sharp and balanced "65 Photocell Tremolo".  You also get the "60's Classic Springtank Reverb", the inventive "70's Electronic Plate Reverb" and the nostalgic "80's Hall Rack Reverb."

With eight Parameters to tweak you get extensive control over the reverb and tremolo characteristics.  Go from splashy, pulsing twang to throbbing, swampy blues all the way to ambient, trembling and serene reverberated pads.  Couple that with true bypass and a high quality analog front end and output section and you have yourself the history of tremolo and reverb in a pedal-board friendly format.

Stereo output
Supplied with power supply.
Made in the USA

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Strymon Iridium Amp/Cab Simulation (Iridium)

Direct Tone That Inspires

Iconic Amplifiers, Nine Stereo IR Cabs and Room Ambiance.

Go Direct With Gorgeous Tone

Iridium gives you three iconic amplifiers, with a total of nine impulse response speaker cabinets that complement the tonality of the amp. Skip the hassle of lugging around or miking amps. Place Iridium on your pedalboard and send gorgeous stereo amplifier tones, stunningly realistic cabs, and lush room ambience direct to a recording interface or PA system. With Iridium, it’s a snap to dial in a direct tone that will truly inspire and sound great whether you are monitoring through in-ears, floor wedges, reference monitors, or studio headphones.

Round Amp- based on a Fender Deluxe Reverb

The Deluxe is one of the most recorded amps in history for a good reason. This amp is clean, bright and mid-scooped with good headroom.  We chose the Deluxe "normal" channel for it's round tone that plays well with pedals + we added a midrange control that lets you go for a more mid scooped sound through to tweed era tones.

Chime Amp - based on the "Brilliant" channel of a Vox AC30TB.

The classic sound of the British Invasion  The "Middle" knob acts as a Tone Cut providing high end roll off just before the valves as per the original AC30 design.

Punch Amp - based on the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959.

Meatier, high gain, tone with strong midrange and a buttery smooth overdrive.  Higher drive settings will give all the high gain distortion and growl of the original with even more gain on tap.

Stunningly realistic cabs built in
Built in as standard are the following cab IRs:-
Deluxe Reverb 1 x 12 open back with Fender CTS speaker
Blues Junior 1 x 12 with Jensen C12N speaker
Vibrolux 2 x 10 with Jensen C10NS speakers
AC30 2 x 12 with 2 x Celestion Alnico Blues
Celestion closed back 1 x 12 Alnico Blue
Mesa 4x12 with 2 x Celestion Black Shadow and 2 x EV Black Shadow speakers
GNR 4x12 1971 Marshall with Celestion G12M Greenbacks
Celestion Vintage 30 2 x 12 open back 
Marshall 8x12 with Celestion T652 Alnico speakers


Load your own IRs from Celestion, Valhallir, OwnHammer and more with the Strymon Impulse Manager software.

Designed and manufactured in the USA
11.4 x 110.2 x 4.4 mm
Power supply included

Detailed Info

Also check out the Celestion F12-X200, the speaker designed for for modelling and amp simulation guitar use live on stage. 

Strymon Lex Rotary (Lex)

Born to Revolve

When we decided to create a studio class pedal that faithfully recreates the classic, unmistakable sound of the most sought after rotating speaker system we prepared to study every nuance and finest detail.  The Strymon sound design labs have been filled with those signature, swirling, three dimensional sounds as we painstakingly analyzed and recreated the physics and mechanics behind these systems.

Lex provides you with a complete, accurately reproduced rotary system: the low frequency bass rotor, the rotating treble horn, the tube driven amplifier, finely tuned microphone placement and all the complex interaction between these elements.  Utilizing a ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP, every drop of processing power is harnessed to authentically reproduce these details.

You get eight parameters to tweak allowing extensive control over the tonality and mechanics of the rotating speaker system.  You can manipulate each element, from rotor speed, horn level, acceleration time, microphone distance, tube drive and saturation to overall level control.

Stereo output
True bypass
Supplied with power supply
Made in the USA

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Strymon Magneto Eurorack Four head dTape Echo and Looper (Magneto)

Interstellar Space Machine

Tape Delay, Looper, And More.

Packed with powerful features while maintaining intuitive playability, Magneto is a stereo multi-head tape delay that also functions as a looper, phrase sampler, vintage spring reverb unit, phase-aligned clock multiplier, chaotic oscillator, zero latency sub-oscillator and more, with extensive CV I/O.

Transform Your Modular.

Turn simple monophonic signals into complex orchestrations. Create new oscillator tones using self-oscillation. Add rich stereo dimension to your sound, and enjoy the inherent warmth and sweet, subtle distortion characteristics of magnetic tape. Magneto transforms even the smallest rack into a fully expressive, immersive instrument.

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Strymon Mini Switch (MiniSwitch)

Expand your flexibility.

Want to recall a preset of your Favorite settings on your Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, FlintLex, or Riverside? Or remotely tap tempos for your BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, or TimeLine? Or engage the Boost or Favorite on your Riverside? Add our tiny MiniSwitch and connect to your Strymon pedal with the included 1/4″ TRS cable.

Strymon Mobius Multidimensional Modulation (Mobius)

Infinitely Organic

Some might say we’re driven. When our engineers lock themselves in our sound design labs for months on end, you might say we’re obsessed. We have been dedicating ourselves to forging a collection of the most organic, luscious, expressive, and versatile modulation effects ever heard.

It was an enormous mission—we painstakingly studied the nuances of the legendary modulations of celebrated tremolo effects, phaser pedals, chorus units, and more from the last five decades. We didn’t stop at faithfully capturing these warm and lush vintage sounds—we expanded their vocabulary with extended versatility and sonic possibilities never before heard.

Mobius gives you twelve legendary, versatile and inspirational modulation machines, Chorus, Flanger, Rotary, Vibe, Phaser, Filter, Formant, Vintage tremolo, Pattern tremolo, Autoswell, Destroyer, and Quadrature..  Go from mouthwatering vintage chorus sounds all the way to syrupy psychedelic phasers.  Get classic pulsating tremolos all the way to warbling crushed bits. With 200 presets, full MIDI implementation and a unique pre/post mode and you're on your way to modulation ecstasy.

Stereo input and output
True bypass
Supplied with power supply
Built tough in the USA to last a lifetime.

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Strymon MULTIswitch (MULTIswitch)

Extended control for TimeLine, BigSky and Mobius

Connect MultiSwitch to your TimeLine, BigSky, or Mobius with the included 1/4″ TRS cable and add a new dimension to your rig.

3-button looper — MultiSwitch allows instant access to TimeLine’s Record/Overdub, Play, and Stop functions without holding the TAP switch to enter Looper Mode. Easily access looping features while retaining footswitch control over your delay sounds.
6-button looper — Hold TimeLine’s TAP switch to enter looper mode, and MultiSwitch now gives you instant access to Reverse, Half Speed, and Undo/Redo. Gain access to a versatile, 6-button looper that is excellent for live looping and experimentation.

Bank Mode
TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius

MultiSwitch gives you a new means of exploring preset banks. Use the left switch to move down a bank, right switch to move up a bank, and middle switch to cycle through your presets within the current bank. A great way to explore all of your presets.
Preset Mode

TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius

MultiSwitch to recall the perfect preset on your TimeLine, BigSky, or Mobius. Easily scroll through saved presets using the left and right switches, and engage/bypass the preset you have selected with the middle switch.
Tap Mode

TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius

MultiSwitch to scroll through your saved presets and control your tap tempo all at once. Perfect for TimeLine and Mobius – use the left switch to scroll down through your saved presets, the right switch to scroll up, and the middle switch to tap in the perfect delay tempo or modulation speed.

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Strymon MULTIswitch + (MULTIswitch +)

Extended control for up to three pedals simultaneously

Connect MultiSwitch+ to your Strymon pedals with the included 1/4″ TRS cable (additional TRS cables required for more than 1 pedal) and add a new dimension to your rig.  The table below gives some idea of the power of Multiswith +

Preset ModeAdds the ability to select and bypass onboard presets 1, 2, and 3.Sunset, Riverside, Volante
Custom ModeProvides remote access to Volante’s Speed switch, and enhances transport controls.Volante
TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius ModeExpanded preset selection control. Dedicated looper controls (TimeLine).TimeLine, BigSky, Mobius
Tap/ Fav/ Boost/ Speed ModeEach footswitch is paired with the closest output and its function can be independently assigned.

Tap: BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, Timeline, Volante
Fav: Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Lex, Riverside, Sunset
Boost: Riverside
Speed: Lex

Combo ModeFootswitches A and B will select between presets 1 and 2 for pedals connected to outputs 1 and 2. Footswitch C can be used for remote tap tempo, favorite, boost, or speed for the pedal connected to output 3.

Presets: Sunset, Riverside, Volante
Tap: BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, Timeline, Volante
Fav: Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Lex, Riverside, Sunset
Boost: Riverside
Speed: Lex

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Strymon Ojai Expansion Kit (Ojai Expansion Kit)

Expand Your Power

The Ojai expansion kit is powered from the 24V output of a Zuma or Ojai power supply and adds 5 channels of clean, rock steady, 5 x 500mW power to your pedals in a compact, lightweight and expandable package.

The Ojai expansion kit is the perfect match for Pedaltrain Nano and Metro series and other slimline pedal boards.

NB Mains power supply not included

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